2015 B&S Ball ~ Saturday, April 18th.


Thank you to our Guests, and to our fine 2015 Sponsors:

B&S 2015 Sponsors

Also, please join us and our Guests in supporting the noble work of TAPS and their efforts to assist Families of the Fallen:   TAPS

Photos and Media Coverage links from the 2014 B&S Ball:

~ Washington Life Photos 2014 ~

Revamp Coverage 2014 ~

Revamp Extended Photos 2014 ~

Scene Bisnow Coverage 2014 ~

Unicorn Note:  Any Unicorns that may or may not have appeared at the 2014 B&S Ball are professionally trained as unicorns by our
friends at Pony-to-Go, a locally-owned farm and petting zoo at Full Moon Ranch.  They appreciate attention, are quite
accustomed to crowds and music, and are lovingly cared for there, along with the Geico Camel and other enchanted fauna.

You may visit them at the Full Moon Ranch Field Festival in Berryville, Virginia: www.fullmoonfieldfestival.com